About IBA

Independent Billing Agency, Inc. employs a dedicated staff of experienced billers and collectors as well as certified coders who specialize in Anesthesia and Pain Management. IBA has been a full service medical billing agency since 1988. Our company is a multi-state provider of anesthesia specific billing services. Dozens of individual practitioners, group practices, Anesthesiologists and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists trust their billing needs to Independent Billing Agency. Client privacy is assured through our adherence to ethical business practices and compliance with federal and state regulations.

In the current environment of increasing regulation, outsourcing specific areas of practice responsibilities allows the needed specialization to keep pace with changing rules. You can focus your attention on patient care while your account representative focuses on reimbursement issues, insurance delays and patient payment arrangements. Stability for your practice is improved and you are insulated from cash disruptions due to employee turn over, vacations or illness. All staff are required to be bondable as a prerequisite to employment.

Structured to perform the billing functions, the IBA staff shares our resource pool with your practice. Departments are specialized in task distribution which increases efficiency while allowing for individual strengths. Each task performed by a specialist assures time has been managed for maximum knowledge, efficiency and reliability. All aspects of your billing needs can be assisted by our service, including credentialing and contract negotiation.

While maintaining specialized duties, IBA also cross trains all staff to provide coverage and maintain your account without interruption and protect the privacy of your patients (HIPAA).

Throughout the Billing Cycle, IBA uses the knowledge and experience of our staff to provide your practice with consistent revenue flow. Our dedicated staff have in excess of 100 years of combined experience, some long term employees receiving all their experience at IBA. By accurately entering your information, billing clean claims, posting payments according to contract agreements and extensive follow-up, your practice receives the revenue due to you in a timely manner.